1. All prices quoted are subject to the current VAT rate, with the exception of the some planning fees to the council.

2. All drawings are subject to structural calculations and building control.

3. Party wall act may be required and is the responsibility of the homeowner, we can advise if required.

4. Mileage will be charged on distances exceeding a 30 mile radius of PE19 at 45p per mile

5. Payment terms are agreed during the initial visit.

6. Standard rate minimum charge 30 minutes for design work.

7. If the client cancels use of Binney and Sims services at any stage after instruction, charges will apply at an hourly rate for works carried out.

8. Site plans are purchased from Streetwise.net and are subject to their T’s and C’s. Should a more detailed land survey be required this is available upon request.

Design hourly rate

1. An estimate of time spent on your project will be given upon site visit, however if it is likely this time estimate will be exceeded we will give notice as early as possible.

2. Initial visits are free of charge, however a mileage charge may be incurred if travelling over a 30 mile radius of PE19 at 45p per mile.

3. Additional visits or more in depth surveys are charged at our hourly rate.

4. Additional charges such as the purchase of OS maps are charged for separately- at cost.

Design and Planning set fees

1. The set fees as detailed, quotations will be produced for additional or other works

2. Design and Planning Set fees do not include structural engineering or setting out drawings and are for planning use only.

3. The fee will be confirmed on the initial visit.

4. The set fee covers initial visit, basic house survey (to enable planning drawings) and drawings of the existing and proposal as discussed during the visit.

5. Alterations will be charged at the hourly rate if different from the original brief.

6. Changes to the planning application once submitted will be charged at the hourly rate.

7. Once the drawings have been approved by the client, we will invoice for our work and the planning fee, only once this is paid we can submit the application to the council.

8. Although we endeavour to communicate with the council as much as possible during the application process, we cannot guarantee an application will be approved.

9. Although we endeavour to communicate with the council as much as possible, we cannot guarantee feedback from the council during the application process, this is at planner’s discretion.

10. In some cases, the council may need reports for contamination or trees on the property, undertaken by a specialist. This can be arranged by Binney and Sims but would need to be paid directly by the client. We can advise more on the initial visit.

11. If an application is refused or withdrawn, a resubmission or appeal will be charged at our hourly rate.

12. Planning drawings are only for the purpose of obtaining planning and are not suitable as building drawings.

Setting Out Drawings

1. Structural calculation and setting out drawings will be quoted for upon request, usually following planning approval.

2. Setting out drawings would normally include the following: Foundation setting out drawings, brickwork setting out drawings, diagonals for squaring (foundation and brickwork), door and window apertures, eaves and foundation sections, internal dimensions.

3. What is included in the setting out drawings can vary depending on the design and structural engineering.

4. We quote for structural calculations and building regulations on the understanding that PWC building inspectors will be used under notice, however we can work alongside the council or other inspectors if preferred.

5. Drainage will not be detailed on the building drawings unless a prior visit has been arranged with the builder to discuss preferred options. This will be charged at our hourly rate.

6. Binney and Sims Ltd do not take responsibility for unforeseen underground conditions such as wells, disused drains, etc.

7. We assume structural stability is suitable for the proposed works and do not accept liability if this is not the case.

8. The chosen builder is responsible for checking the site following receipt of setting out drawings and structural engineering prior to work commencing.

9. Should the design change during the building process, Binney and Sims take no responsibility of the building setting out drawings unless informed and drawings amended.

10. Should amendments to setting

out drawings be required, these will be

charged at £50ph plus VAT