New Build Packages


Binney and Sims Design Full Plans Application for New Dwellings.

We offer bespoke services for those wishing to apply for new dwellings. We are able to take you through the process from the conception of the design through to the council decision.


Binney and Sims New Build Design Package Include –

* Meeting to discuss the proposed development

* Basic survey

* The purchase of an OS map in DWG format

* Proposed plans of the proposed dwelling/s

* Proposed elevations of the proposed dwelling/s

* Site plan showing parking provisions, bin collection points, basic landscaping etc.

* Supporting documents

* CIL form completed and submitted

* Completed forms and submission to the council

Note – In some cases, the council may need reports for contamination, trees, protected species etc to support the planning application, which need to be undertaken by a specialist within the area required. This can be arranged by Binney and Sims but would be paid directly to the specialist

Unilateral Undertaking form – The council require a form to be completed by the home/land owner for any new refuse collection, this is known as unilateral undertaking form, when we submit the application a copy of the form will be sent to you for completion. Please note no additional fees are incurred at this stage for refuse collection however if planning is granted then a charge of £73.65 per dwelling will be paid to the council or £669 per communal bin.

CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) – For self-build dwellings where the applicant is going to reside at the new build then CIL tax is waivered however on dwellings which are developed for the purposes of re sale then a CIL will be applicable please see for further information.

Please contact for guidance on fees for new build projects.