Listed Building & Conservation Area Package

Fees and Procedures

Costs based on developments within Huntingdon District Council

£795 plus council fee (currently £206) & Planning Portal Service Charge (£25) up to 4 bedroom house

£975 plus council fee (currently £206) & Planning Portal Service Charge (£25) 5 or more bedroom house

Due to the nature of listed buildings and conservation areas, we would need to prepare more documents and reports to submit to the council. If you are unsure whether your house is listed or if you are in a conservation area, we would be happy to advise during our initial visit. This service includes:

* Basic survey of existing house

* Drawings of existing and proposed plans and elevations

* Purchasing the site map

* Filling out the necessary planning forms

* Writing relevant statements and reports relating to the listed building or conservation area

* Submitting to the council