Our Top Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

We understand the love you felt for your home when you first purchased it. We also know, the frustration and the struggle when you feel as if your house just isn’t growing with you.


We’ve compiled three top signs that may indicate that you’ve grown out of your home.


  • Feeling overwhelmed with items – many of us know exactly what it’s like when you’re constantly clearing out your house. We know firsthand how difficult it is  trying to declutter to rearranging furniture regularly,  tip trips, full charity bags, excess toys to feel as if your house is still bursting with items! It can really become a struggle when you’re constantly faced with the battle of trying to find storage solutions for your home with your ever changing and growing family, whilst being organised


  • You’ve become older – sometimes as we get older, many find that their home just doesn’t fit their needs anymore. If children have grown up and moved out, you may wish you had your dream kitchen / diner for entertaining purposes or simply wish you had a bigger entertaining space rather than a spare bedroom!


  • Professional requirements – we have all lived  through the last two years of Covid-19 and have seen firsthand the change that it has made to the way in which we work. Whilst many still have to go to their office or their work location, many of us are now remote workers and need to have somewhere that can be purely work focused rather than taking over the dining table! Sometimes a property lacks the space to have a home office, which is why exploring your options for a garden office or extension could be your solution.

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