Choosing glass for your extension or conservatory

Glass for conservatories can be a difficult choice for many buyers, with modern glasses there are many choices with everything from energy saving to self cleaning. Most commonly, double glazing is used in conservatories with low’E’ coatings, this helps to keep the heat in during colder weather. Another option to increase the efficiency of your structure is the use of gas fillings within the glass units.

The size of spacer bar between the glass panes is also an important part of selecting the best glass for your home; the optimal size is between 16mm and 20mm. If you go to small it will decrease the thermal efficiency and if you go to large it can allow convection within the unit which can loss thermal efficiency. The use of warm edge spacer bars will also improve the units.

However, it is not always keeping the cold out that’s the problem, for some it’s the heat of the sun making the room unbearably hot. The development of glass is ongoing and you can get some very good solar control glass with or without tints, these can help reduce the heat gain from the sun by up to 57% and if you go to triple glazing and opt to have 2 layers of solar control glass you can block over 70%. There are a few conservatories companies that offer solar controlled roof glass as standard such as Binney and Sims Conservatories Ltd and it is always worth looking out for these companies so you can create a usable room all year round.